Hardware Repair

Just like your car, sometimes things just break. Old hardware starts to fail and it’s time to start looking for a replacement. The People’s Geek will help you choose a right replacement or upgrade that will work with all of the components of your current computer.
This service includes:

Hardware Analysis

We will analyze your current components to see what pieces need replacement, and recommend the most cost effective replacement available.

Motherboard Replacement or Upgrade

Your motherboard may need replacing or you may want to upgrade to make room for another video card or hard drive. Our geeks have you covered! Just let them know what you need and they will get you setup with the best solution.

Laptop LCD Replacement

Is everything working on your laptop except your LCD Screen? Our geeks will replace your laptop LCD, breathing new life into your machine.

Ram Upgrade or Replacement

A ram upgrade or replacement is the easiest way to get your computer to run smooth again. Adding more memory allows your computer to run more programs, or offers more memory for the programs you are currently using. Our geeks will assess your needs and recommend a ram upgrade, or a pc optimization {link} if we think that is all your computer needs.

Video Card Upgrade

You just can get your new game to work on your computer, or are you just experiencing too much lag? Call us for a video card upgrade to give your computer a more powerful graphics processing component for better gaming experience!

Hard Drive Replacement

Do you have a dead hard drive, or just need a larger one? We can swap out your hard drive giving you more space for storing that music or video collection.

*Prices do not include the cost of the replacement parts

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