Data Recovery

Oh NO! You’ve just deleted your entire presentation and you are presenting in 3 days! Our geeks can recover data that has been deleted from your system, or from a crashed hard drive.
This service includes:

Non-deleted Data Recovery

Computer won’t boot? No problem, bring it to us & we’ll get your stuff back!

Formatted or deleted Data Recovery

Accidentally format your external hard drive, or did someone delete that folder that stored your family pictures? Have no fear, our geeks can recover data from just about any failed device or that “gone forever” folder.

Complete File System Recovery

Maybe you don’t need just a few files or folders recovered. Maybe your hard drive failed and you just want to move it to a new one. Our geeks have you covered with our Complete File System Recovery. Everything you loved about your computer will be at your fingertips once again, only now on a new hard drive.

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