Computer Tune Up & Optimization

Your computer might just need a tune up to make it work like it did the day you bought it. Our geeks will diagnose your computer and give it the attention it deserves.
This service includes:

Optimize startup and shutdown programs

Our geeks will disable any unnecessary startup programs. The more programs that need to start when the computer boots up, the long it takes before you can start your tasks. This also helps the program you are using run smoother because your computer is not trying to do things in the background.

Enable security functions on your browser of choice

Sometime security features in your browsers may become disabled through daily use with your knowledge. Our geeks will check the browsers configuration to make sure it is a secure as Fort Knox.
Remove unwanted or trial programs — If you bought a computer from a brick and mortar store, chances are it came with trial programs that are taking up space on your computer. We will remove any trial or unwanted programs to keep you clutter free.

Test computer hardware and software functionality

Just like you go to the doctor’s for a check-up, your computer needs to be inspected as well to make sure all of the piece are still in working order. Our team will inspect the hardware and software in the computer and recommend any preventative maintenance so that you don’t get stuck with a dead machine or lost data.

Test for Malware

Our geeks will install antivirus and anti-malware software to keep see if the bad guys are there. Even if you use Antivirus nothing is %100; we make sure!

Clean the inside of the computer

You wouldn’t go jogging in a full body sweat suit on a 90` day, so why should your computer do it? As dust builds up on the inside of the computer it can’t remove enough heat, and it starts to lose efficiency or even shutdown to prevent damage to hardware components. We clean out your computer allowing air to flow through keep components cool and keeping everyone happy.

Run a registry cleaner

The registry is your computer’s database. Every now and then your computer might get something wrong and add something the registry that is not correct, or a program that was removed might still have entries in the registry. Every error in the registry must be checked by the computer slowing down the overall performance of the computer. Our geeks will scan and fix any registry errors, making sure your computer runs at peak performance.

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