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Every computer repair comes with a 7 day warranty on that repair. Rest assured that I'm not happy until your computer is!

Tune Up & Optimization

Get your computer running just like the "good ol' days". If your computer is not performing like it used to come see The People"s Geek.

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Virus/Malware Removal

The internet is latent with malware code that can steal your identity, track your surfing habits, and damage your operating system in more ways than possibly imaginable. If you find yourself a victim of Virus/Malware infection give us a call, The People's Geek to the rescue!

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Data Recovery

I JUST DELETED MY FILES!!! We're all human, you're not alone. The People's Geek can recover your files before you can say "She better not find out!"

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Operating System Installation

The People's Geek has installed thousands of operating systems. Not sure, don't like to do it? Give us a call, we're here to help!

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Hardware Repair

Sometimes old hardware just needs to be replaced, or event upgraded to get your computer running its best. Call us for an estimate and quick service!

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I’ve had some bad experiences with computer repair in the past, my last computer problem cost a bunch and i wasn’t happy with the company or the work. My hard drive went out along with irreplacable photos of my son, i was starting to panic, the first quote i received was around $500. After calling around i released this was about the going rate. I stumbled on this ad on craigslist so i thought i would call… $100? I thought this guy was kidding. Needless to say i have all of my photos back along with my music and my collection of audio books. Since then he has repaired my other computer and my father’s laptop. Excellent work for about a third of what most places will charge you! Thanks again People’s Geek, you earned this review!
Brian Jacobs